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Martin Roth  has penned a unique kind of thriller that explores the fine line between when to turn the other check when to fight for what you believe. The action is non-stop and portrays Christians a bit differently than the usual! It is a page turner. 

The book launch has ended, but Martin’s books are still available on Amazon at regular prices.

99 cents
22 reviews, 4.2 stars
Christian Thriller/Suspense

Brother Half Angel

A military
operation gone tragically wrong. An elite commando loses his forearm. The angel
tattooed onto his arm is sliced in half. And the man acquires a new nickname.

Brother Half Angel is the leader of a secret new church military order,
dedicated to helping Christians under attack around the world.

In this book, the first in the Brother Half Angel series, he is dispatched
urgently to China, where an underground seminary is under siege from fanatical
sword-wielding members of a local cult who still pay homage to the bloodthirsty
extremists who tried to expel all foreigners from China in the nineteenth

But at the same time the seminary has its own internal divisions. The director,
Uncle Ling, a hero of the underground Chinese church, holds secrets that he
cannot reveal.

And now the tensions are threatening the marriage of idealistic young American
missionary Daniel Westloke and his wife Jenny.

Relentless suspense is the hallmark of this gripping thriller.

But it is also a book that raises serious questions – how far can Christians go
to defend themselves? When should they turn the other cheek? What happens when
a Christian kills in self-defense? And should those who live by the sword
really expect to die by the sword?

Meet The Author

Martin Roth
is a veteran journalist and foreign correspondent whose reports from Asia have
appeared in leading publications around the world, including the Wall Street
Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun and The Guardian. He
is the author of many books.

His Brother
Half Angel international thrillers focus on the persecuted church. They feature
Brother Half Angel, an abrasive former military man who heads a clandestine new
military order that is dedicated to fighting for the rights of persecuted
Christians around the world.

The five
books in the series are “The Coptic Martyr of Cairo,” “Brother
Half Angel,” “The Maria Kannon,” “Military Orders” and
“Festival in the Desert.”

He is also
the author of the Johnny Ravine private eye series, with “Prophets and
Loss,” “Hot Rock Dreaming” (Australian Christian Book of the
Year finalist) and “Burning at the Boss,” and the Feisty Ferreira
series of financial thrillers – “Tokyo Bossa Nova” and “The
Kalgoorlie Skimpy.”

He lives in
Australia with his Korean wife and three sons.

 A great gift book for those who like action! And what a bargain!

Hope you are enjoying this literary potpourri!

Blessings, Carol

And now enjoy his excerpt!

The following is a short excerpt from the book
(continued from Scroll to the end to learn how you can buy the book for a special
price and with the chance to win a $200 Amazon gift voucher.

“Plum Flower
boxing is one of the Chinese martial arts,” said Yoon. “The Boxers used to
practice it. It’s not really boxing, although there’s a lot of fist pumping,
and so in English they became called Boxers. In Chinese they actually called
themselves the Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists. And they took pride
in slaughtering Christians. Yet around here they’re seen as heroes. There’s a
bit of nostalgia for them.”
“Heroes?” Jenny
was startled. “For killing Christians? And there’s nostalgia for that?”
“For helping kick
a foreign culture out of China.”
“That’s gross.
That’s really gross.” Jenny took a sip of her coffee. “And you think they’re
involved in killing Brother Shuei?”
“An arm cut off.
Isn’t that what Uncle Ling told us happened?”
Daniel nodded.
“That’s how the
Boxers operated,” said Yoon. “Slicing off limbs. And the body tossed over the
wall into the missionaries’ compound. It was intended as a warning back then.
Get out. Go home. We don’t like you and we don’t want you. So now I’m guessing
that it’s the same kind of warning. Directed to us.”
“But how do they
know about us?” asked Daniel. “How do they know we’re not just an English
“Good question. I
don’t know.”
Jenny looked up
from her coffee. “So what do we do?”
“What can we do?”
said Daniel. “We’re Christians. We’ll rely on God.”
 “And when they come to kill us we kneel down
and pray?” Sarcasm tinged her voice. “Turn the other cheek.”
“We are
Christians,” repeated Daniel. “We are Christian missionaries. When you sign up
as a missionary you sign up to the possibility of becoming a martyr.”
“Maybe in the
nineteenth century. Maybe in darkest Africa. But not in China in the
twenty-first century. Anyway, Danny, this is serious. One of our students has
been killed, and he’s had his arm hacked off. It sounds like some kind of
ritual attack. What is going on? Why are we talking about plum swordsmen or
whatever they are? We have to call the police. Even here in China you can’t go
round killing people and cutting of an arm, then dumping the body as a
so-called warning.”
“Uncle Ling has
forbidden that. This is an attack on us that we must bear as Christians. He
can’t risk having the seminary raided and closed down.”
“But if we’re
being warned to get out, and we don’t get out, then there are going to be more
murders. It could be any of us next.” She looked at Lin. “Ask her, Danny, she
can’t possibly agree that we just sit here and do nothing. That we don’t call
the police.”
“I am a Chinese
Christian,” responded Lin in her plain, unadorned voice. “I have been attacked
many times. Often I have expected to die. But always God has protected me. I
have faith in God. He will look after us, according to His plan for our lives.
Sister Jenny, I advise you to place your trust in God.”

Half Angel” is on sale at Amazon (
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