Why We Are Here…

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Some things bear repeating. You remember them that way. I want to tell you again why this blog is here.

I felt different from everyone else all my life. Spent most of my time along the fringes—not that I wanted to be there,mind you. The middle of all the action looked very inviting to me. However, when I ventured into it, it didn’t take long before I escaped to the sidelines once again. Being among people was/is/can be a painful place.

I battled with feelings of rejection not being chosen and called “shy”. I was not shy…just did not have a lot to say and it still takes me a long time before I have something to say. My nerves were/are easily overwhelmed by too many people, too much activity, too many lights, loud noises and so on. A little goes a long way with me. I preferred animals and books over people; they didn’t object or complain. Anyone relate?

What was with that? I was in my 40’s before I learned what all that was about. It’s about a nervous system that picks up far more sensory data than most. It takes time to sort through that jumble to form an opinion or observation; to know what I think and want to say about a topic. That’s why it takes me so long to know what I think! Then I have to allow for further lag time to find the right words to express those thoughts.

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It also means that there is a lot of subliminal information coming from people that I read but it is below my conscious awareness, which is why I will steer clear of some people, while at the same time wonder why I avoid them! It’s why I know things but don’t know why I know them… And then I found that there are lots more like me out there also feeling alone and isolated. Battling with the same issues I have.

I am a Jesus follower and I believe there is a reason behind our sensitivity. I believe that God designed highly sensitive people to be His special forces. He drops us down behind barriers, to bring love, joy and acceptance…we bring Jesus with us.

But, when you do not understand what the sensitivity is about, it feels more like a curse than a gift or a blessing. You can feel others’ pain, trouble and confusion but not know what to do about it. You can come to hate the way you are made. It can create a wedge between you and your destiny, between you and fulfillment. And then you get mad at God.

Being highly sensitive means God can easily call me to attention and make me aware of the trouble someone is having—not just so I can experience that pain with them—oh, joy, more pain! He can alert me to the trouble so that I can come alongside to help. That is, help with God’s instructions and not with what seems to me like a good idea!

He knows that I know I can and will ask Him to carry the heavy end of that crushing load. He knows that I know I am His daughter and it’s okay to ask Him for help and He knows that I know how to ask. By asking I can off-load the pain I feel and lessen the pain the other person feels! So that’s why I created this blog…to give a place for highly sensitive people ask questions, or just hang out with others of like mind and breathe.

Being highly sensitive means that we can multiply the joys we have/feel and divide the burdens we carry.

Being highly sensitive also means that we are often lonely because not everyone understands how we experience life. Who do you talk to about this stuff?

I don’t want you or anyone to go one more day thinking you are crazy when maybe half the craziness you feel is not even your own! I don’t want the pressure you feel to push you to hurt yourself.

cropped-Porchlight-A.jpgThat’s why I turned the light on. I want anyone who is highly sensitive and feeling alone to come on in out of wherever you are and have a seat. Kick back. Rest. Breathe. Share if you like…or not. Just know that you are welcome here. I’m glad to be with you and share my thoughts and a good cup of coffee on the porch.

Blessings, Carol…shedding some light

Author of The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive.