Announcing…A Forum for Highly Sensitives!


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 Good news! Finally, after years of wishing I could tell readers that they have a place to go to explore what it means to be highly sensitive…a reader, Kayla Swanson, with more techno-savvy then I have volunteered to create a forum. It is called Nurturing Spiritual Sensitivity. Here is the link:

This forum is a place where you can meet others who have read The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive and realized that high sensitivity is what has “been wrong” all this time! You can ask questions and/or commiserate.  Share your glory stories! We can all learn together how to live joy filled and satisfying lives that bring glory to God.

I will pop in from time to time to chat and see how things are going. If you have a question you would like my input on particularly, send it my way at Indicate if you want a private answer or if it is okay to answer on the forum so others can benefit. If one person asks a question there are probably 10-20 others with the same question…they just didn’t ask it!

I am so grateful to Kayla for being our administrator. This has been long overdue…we need each other. We need to know we are not the only one out there that’s “weird!” Let’s remind each other that maybe ½ the craziness we feel may not be our own.

Hope to see you over on the forum!  Blessings,

Carol…shedding some light

p.s. I know I have been remiss—well, I have been struggling with physical therapy and dental visits and it simply wore me out so I didn’t blog. There you have it.

p.s.s. Social media and technology are weak areas for me; I just cannot be bashful in admitting it!

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    That is so aggravating when technology does as it pleases rather than as we please. Thanks for stopping by and for liking our blog. We hope it is helpful. Be blessed.