RIP Old Dell

If you are looking for the fall sale and planned to buy books today–bad news!

MY COMPUTER DIED! I have been unable to make all the connections and notifications that needed to be in place so I contacted th organizers and had someone take my place. I will honor requests today that come via the “contact me” on this site and on my website. It will not be set up to use PayPal so just leave a request on the “contact”. I will make sure to borrow a computer and check that once (at least) today.

I only  have sporadic access to a machine so would not be able to participate with the other authors and  monitor the sale. I do not know when mine will be replaced.

Deepest heartfelt apologies. I will hold a sale in the future when I have a new computer. Blessings on you, may your day be filled with favor from on high.

Carol…shedding a little light