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And now I’d also like to share a helpful piece about the development of young children. As moms (and as grandparents) we often wonder if we are doing the right things or if we are creating problems for them farther along in life.

A friend of mine, Dr. James Wilder has written a manual that describes what is going on at each developmental stage of life. I thought the following chart brilliant–so very helpful.

The needs of children aged 4 to 12 are:  (This part we help them with.)

  • They need to be weaned of being a baby—having all their needs anticipated and met for them
  • They need help doing what they don’t feel like doing
  • Authentic help sorting feelings, imaginations and realities
  • Feedback on guesses, attempts and failures
  • Love they do not need to earn
  • Be taught the family history
  • Be taught the big picture of their lives

The developmental tasks for this age are: (This part they have to work at and learn. Yes, adults need to encourage them and compliment them when they make progress but we cannot do it for them.)

  • Learn to take care of self
  • Learn to ask for what they need
  • Learn self-expression
  • Develop personal resources and talents
  • Learn to make him/herself understandable to others
  • Learn to do hard things
  • Tame their cravings
  • Learn what satisfies
  • Learn to see him/herself through the “eyes of heaven”—see their potential


Excerpted from The Complete Guide to Living With Men by E. James Wilder III, Shepherd’s House Inc., Pasadena, CA, 2004, pp. 56-90.

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