Overall Vision for Sassy Pants Series


I was asked what my overall vision for the Sassy Pants series was. I wrote the stories first and then in retrospect marveled at what the Lord had done!

When a child is laughing, he/she relaxes and it is much easier  to learn—lessons slip in and stay. It is my prayer that these books will help children build a sense of belonging and value, positive character traits, self-confidence, and good self-esteem. By watching how Sassy Pants overcomes difficulties that are not all that different from the trials many children cope with, they are encouraged to believe that they too have value and a place. My hope is that by using Sassy Pants model, children can eliminate some of the difficulties of  learning these lessons by trial and error.


This launch, Dec. 4-6 in Tacoma, WA is for Book III in which Sassy Pants Learns about Strange Creatures. Strangers can be scary. Even people you know, but not very well! Sometimes you worry they won’t like you or they will do something you don’t like. How should you act? Say? Do? And when you are not too sure about who you are and how you fit in…well, things become confusing. Sassy Pants models finding a way.


Book III – Sassy Pants learns…about strange creatures talking points

  • Overcoming fear of rejection and worry
  • Fear makes the situation much scarier than it really is
  • Facing a situation is much more productive than running and hiding
  • To call for help when she needs it
  • Truth about her father reduces her fear of him

Book I – Sassy Pants learns…

  • Choices have consequences. (She bumps into this fact in other books in the series also.)
  • Different kinds of “sorry”
  • The importance of listening…or not
  • Respecting feelings, fences and boundaries
  • Bullying
  • Some learn the easy way…and some learn the hard way. It’s your choice.

Book II – Sassy Pants learns…about amends

  • Words and actions can both hurt
  • Why we apologize and ask forgiveness
  • What amends is and why it is important
  • How to make amends
  • About honor – what it is and how to do it

Books IV and V are yet to be illustrated and published. These stories share what Sassy Pants learns when making amends with her parents.

  • Making positive choices for one’s self often benefits others as well, far greater than she could ever imagine
  • She can do things she has never done before
  • Including others makes everything more fun
  • How to give and receive honor
  • What it feels like to belong
  • Everyone has something they do best
  • Her father focused on her potential not her mess ups
  • She has a place in her father’s heart and in the herd






Shedding a little light….   Carol