This page will give you an idea of the topics I’m available to speak about, and some types of groups I typically speak to.

If you’d like further information or would like me to give a presentation to your group, please contact me via my website.

Topics related to my books for adults: The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive

  • Burden bearing—general audience
  • Being different but not ruined—life after a trauma—a death, chronic disease, etc.) (motivational/personal testimony)
  • On Brokenness & Motivation (Personal testimony/motivational)
  • The Joy of the Lord (Personal testimony/motivational)
  • Trust and repair of trust
  • Roots from Eden (2 talks)—the roots of communication and relational difficulties
  • The difficulty with centering: motivational in relation to spiritual growth using the metaphor of the potter’s wheel
  • Burden bearing seminar—5 talks
    • Design at work—what burden bearing is, how it looks and feels— real life examples
    • Design—how the human body is designed as an instrument of prayer as well as praise
    • Discernment—distinguishing between “thee” and me, what burdens to accept and which to avoid, knowing what God wants me to accept
    • Dynamics—different ways it works in relationships
    • Destiny—how our identity affects our walking out of destiny or missing it all together and how burden bearing fits into destiny

Topics relating somewhat to the children’s Sassy Pants series:

  • The trials & tribulations of growing up!– Discussion of the “talking points”
  • The needs and developmental tasks of children 4-12. Relate them to the story
  • If a child is to become a functional part of society he/she must learn that consequences follow choices. Parents’ task is to see that this is learned — part of building a platform under a child that he/she can build upon. Talking Points:
    • Growing up as fun and games
    • The developmental significance of the games we play:
      • Peek-a-boo, I see you/where’d she/he go?
      • Patty Cake—first lesson in discernment!
    • The spiritual significance of “seeing” your child — part of fulfilling the calling of parent (building a platform under the child that he can build upon).
      • Train up a child . . .
      • Watch to see what learning style is and play to that
      • “Train up according to him” — if you don’t know how, find someone who does
      • How we are trained – analogy of training an ox to grind finding tasks appropriate for age and development
      • Inclusion & meeting needs – included with love and joy in ongoing operations of the family with age appropriate tasks

Groups I typically speak to:

  • Parent-Teacher Organizations (particualrly the Sassy Pants talking points)
  • Home School Associations
  • Writers Groups/Literary groups (about the creative process
  • Parents/grandparents—Awana teachers and leaders
  • Teachers (Sunday School, home school, public/private school)
  • Ministry groups (intercessors, prayer ministry, and worship teams)
  • Ministry training
  • Women’s groups
  • Recovery groups
  • I also do readings of Sassy Pants as entertainment
  • Readings for schools or library story hour

4 Responses to Speaking

  1. Avatar Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson says:

    Hello Carol,

    I bought your books about being highly sensitive and burden bearing. Thank you so much for writing them. They have been a tremendous blessing to me! I would like some more information about how to release burdens. I feel like I don’t have a full grasp on how to do that. May God continue to bless you!

    • Avatar godsheart@comcast.net
      godsheart@comcast.net says:

      Hello Elizabeth, I think we have “met” over on the God’s Heart site. Releasing the burdens is something you will need to practice. It will feel awkward at first, like anything new we learn. At the beginning it will feel different, maybe clumsy, but use the guidelines you find in the books and keep practicing. The Lord is very pleased when we try and will meet us in the process. Feel free to ask questions as you get into the books.

  2. Hi Carol,
    I hope you’re well. I read your book,The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity. It changed my life yeas ago. I’ve consistently referenced it since then. I’ve come to a new crossroad in my life. I was hoping to find an email that I could write to you if possible. Thanks Monica

    • Avatar godsheart@comcast.net
      godsheart@comcast.net says:

      Yes Monica, I sent you a message by email. Look forward to hearing from you. Blessings.