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An Invitation to Live Above Unchangeable Circumstances

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Living Above Unchangeable Circumstances

Three Transforming Steps

Everyone has circumstances. We all face challenges that potentially can immobilize our best intentions. Many have asked how to move the mountain of challenges in order to go forward. Some will keep looking for a way out, while others give up amid the trouble and live defeated.

Sometimes we must move those mountains and other times we need to face the challenges and live above them.

Moving mountains builds spiritual stamina; it sustains you. Living above the challenges builds spiritual resilience; it transforms you.

Looking at the Apostle Paul’s letters there are three mindset changes that can not only help you, but will also empower you to live above distraction, disillusionment, and the mental droning that whispers, “I can’t.”

Empowered by these transforming steps you can:

· Maintain an intentional spiritual life

· Reject and put off the old ways

· Embrace a position in Christ that whispers, “I can.”

The Journey begins now! Be sure to register in order to receive more insight on these three steps via email.



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