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Spiritual Prosperity

I am in a long-haul study in the book of Revelation, but this morning the Lord led me to Ephesians 1. I have to admit I hesitated to go there because of familiarity. It is a book that always reminds me of my identity in Christ. After turning there, I realized that I seem to always remember the identity piece but not the wonderful God piece. Yet, all that I am resides in all that He is.

Before the cross, redemption was for God’s covenant people, but for others it was vastly unknown. God’s ultimate purpose for all of mankind was hidden until He bled for us at Calvary and presented the good news to all. The gentiles would now have an opportunity to draw near to God and be adopted into an inheritance of spiritual blessings. In fact, God poured out His grace on all who received, and He still does.

From His outpouring you have received redemption, forgiveness, and extravagant grace. It is by grace you are given the gift of eternal, never ending blessings – spiritual prosperity. This is the focus today for seeking God’s depths. The Almighty, Awesome, Infinite God has poured out His blessings upon you from His storehouse of grace. This is where understanding and insight into the depths of God begin and extend into eternity – at the cross of Calvary, where Jesus died for you and me.

He has given you spiritual prosperity. May you walk fully in His blessings.

Oh, Jesus, what You did for me

None other can compare.

For by Your blood, I was set free

Oh Jesus, how you must care.

The cross that stood at Calvary

Might well to bear my name

For ‘twas my sin that hung Thee

Upon that cross of shame

Oh Lord, how could I ever repay

That which You did for me?

For, Lord, you saved me on that day

That precious day at Calvary.

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