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The God Who Sees

As I waited in the coffee shop for our prayer meeting to begin, I had no words, no thoughts, no deep expression of the greatest desire in my heart, which is to know more of my Savior.

I am not used to that. He usually gives me something to share for our time together. I began searching the devotionals that usually speak to me and one after one I set them aside. They just were not the right thing to share. They were good devotionals, but none touched my soul.

I became more aware that what He speaks to me about loving Him and going deeper with Him is specific to me. There might be times that I share what He is doing or speaking in my life, and it will resonate with another. But I cannot try to search out what he is doing in my heart in any other place than with Him. There are certainly times when something that someone shares will touch that place in me, but it is usually where He is already working in me.

Sitting there in that moment, I knew He was near and that He saw me.

This is vital! God sees me! He sees where I am broken, He sees where I hurt, and He sees my heart for Him - from the weakest to the strongest corner. He sees me – always. He sees the whole picture.

It's okay to have no words or specific insight to share. It is enough to simply enter into His grace and trust that He will show up – faithful and watchful.

He is the God who sees – El Roi. He saw Hagar in the wilderness (Gen 16:13). Will He not see you or me in a coffee shop, in a quiet room or even in the midst of a crowd?

As you seek the Lord remember it is not what you see, but that He sees you. Embrace that solitude of thought and trust in the Lord.

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